Tunnel Polythene

Hortech Solutions provide a wide range of polythene films for tunnel covering. Included in these are standard, thermic and diffuser films.

All our tunnel films have proven over the years to be of the highest specification combining quality and durability whilst being of a very competitive price.

Each variety of film is available with three, or four year, life options.

The film thickness is-:

  • 150 micron for 3 year film
  • 180 micron for 4 year film

Conventional Tunnel Polythene

Standard, anti fog and thermic films available to order in widths 7.3m to 14m
Available in any length above 15m subject to cutting charges

Spanish Tunnels

Standard or ‘luminance’ type film available to order in widths 7.3m to 12.7m
Roll lengths 600 or 800m

Side Vent Film

Available in 120 micron – 2-3 metre widths

Hibernating Film

Black polythene film1300mm x 1000m 35mu to protect Spanish and cosy tunnel Polythene when not in use.

Ancillary Tunnel Products

Anti Hotspot Tape – useful where there is risk of crop damage due to intense heat

Polythene Repair Tape – a must have to deal with tears, this can give the customer extended polythene life when the elements have caused damage.

Truss Support Tape

Rope – both standard poly and wire reinforced rope to anchor polythene

Please contact us for advice and a competitive quote.

Hortech Solutions are able to provide replacement tunnel covers for all types of Polythene clad green houses.