Hortech Solutions offers a complete design facility, which is free of charge if the products are subsequently bought from the Company.

Our customers include soft fruit, top fruit and vegetable growers. We have also been involved in dust suppression for ménages. We have
designed a number of irrigation systems for both Cider and Perry fruit production.

We supply a complete range of products for all irrigation requirements and these include the following:

  • Standard and pressure compensated drip tapes
  • Standard and pressure compensated hard hose drip lines
  • Complete dripper systems for bag and trough fruit production
  • Full range of pipes and fittings for polyethylene, PVC and metal pipes for portable and permanent systems both above ground and buried
  • Filtration for both manual and automatic systems
  • Sprinklers for cooling, establishing and watering for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Full range of water storage tanks from 400 gallons to 110,000 gallons
  • Full range of irrigation pumps
  • Full range of manual and remote electrically operated valves and control equipment
  • Dosing rigs and controllers.

All our products are of the best quality giving uniformity in crop establishment and growth. This results in optimum yields and margins to the grower.