Table Top System

The tabletop system of growing strawberries offers the grower several advantages.  Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ease of the picking of the fruit.  This results in a significant reduction in picking costs.  Also the grower has better disease control leading to higher yields and better financial returns.

Hortech Solutions can supply a cost effective system.

The system is made up as follows:

  • All legs are manufactured out of 40mm pre-galvanised Z35 super strength steel tube
  • The end legs are supported with struts fixed to a ground anchor
  • Bag are supported on their own individual truss supports by 4 – 3.15mm galvanised high tensile wires

Truss Support Tape

To support fruit on either side of the bag.

Growing Mediums – Coir Grow Bags

  • 16 and 20 litre capacity
  • 1 metre x 20cm x 8cm or 10cm
  • planting holes to suit individual requirements
  • 2-5 dripper holes
  • 400 drainage holes
  • available as 5kg blocks, 0.5kg bricks and discs to fill individual pots