Bio Controls

In order to get the quality crops it is necessary to give them a helping hand at times. Whether it is with pollination or to fight off predators, Hortech have the answers.

We offer natural control and solutions to problem pests which attack soft fruit and glass house or field crops.

Soft Fruit

  • Aphids
  • Red Spider Mite
  • Thrips
  • Vine Weevil (both in troughs and bag systems)

Glass Houses

  • Whitefly
  • Aphids
  • Red Spider Mite
  • Slugs


  • Bumble bees- Mini hives, Triple hives and multi-pack hives
  • Audax for pollination assistance in outdoor crops

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Ground Cover

Both weed control fabric, ground reinforcing mesh, and wind break materials are available in either black, white or green.
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