Algae Control

With our every changing climatic conditions Algae is becoming a big problem for anyone with ponds and lakes.

Hortech Solutions have teamed up with a pioneering company in this field to be able to offer

Ultrasonic enviro sensors which have proved to be highly successful in controlling most types of Algae and bacteria in open water systems ranging from 5m to 300m

EnviroSonic Ultrasonic Algae Control Systems


Problems of fouling of pipes by bacteria and biofilm can be eliminated by using ultrasound to disrupt growth of fouling organisms.  This has the benefit of:

  • Eliminating biofilm and algae in irrigation systems – strips biofilm off concrete surfaces
  • Increasing water use efficiency
  • Reducing pressure
  • Keeping drip nozzles clean
  • Keeping pipes clean
  • Keeping heating costs down by cleaning hot water heating systems
  • Reducing fertiliser loss in fertigation systems

The benefits of ultrasonic systems are that they are:

  • A one-off cost
  • They do not use chemicals (good for organic systems)
  •  They do not produce toxic waste like chemical dosing systems
  • They clean the whole system

Ultrasound works by using the water molecules themselves to generate safe and short lived peroxide compounds at continuous low doses.  Low dose peroxide kills:

  • Algae
  • Fungi
  • Bacteria, including E. coli

Other advantages under glass include:

  • cleaner leaves – no carbonate scale spotting
  • improved root growth – better nutrient uptake
  • cleaner soil surfaces – no mosses or liverworts
  • cleaner working surfaces – no slipping on green floors

The Envirosonic range of products and power options, include solar powered systems for remote reservoirs

ES-50   for small irrigation tanks and lakes and ponds up to an acre in size

ES-150-P  for larger reservoirs, flow through systems and for installation in piped systems

ES-300  for large reservoirs and lakes, for stubborn algae problems in storage tanks and short term storage systems